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Jul 9 VC Signalling Risk in Seed Rounds

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 CB Insights  just published an interesting post about signalling risk i.e. the startup survival risk generated by getting a Tier I VC into the seed round who does not follow their money into the Series A. The data suggests getting no …

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Oct 12 A (reconstituted) interview with Marc Andreessen

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 Thanks to a slightly unfortunate messaging glitch (which of you entrepreneurs would like his labor of love to be compared to “fruit fly experiments” in the Wall Street Journal), pmarca a.k.a Marc Andreessen has been drawn into in-depth conversation on HackerNews.   …


Oct 9 The Glorious Post Seed Startup Financing Chaos

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The other day I got a call from Scott Kirstner at the Boston Globe answering: “what happens to all these incubators entrepreneurs after Demo Day”.   The short answer: chaos.  Full of opportunity, but chaos nonetheless.  Cue fractals on this …