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Fred Destin

Zoopla at seven – how focus and speed drive exceptional outcomes

 I first invested in Zoopla in July 2007.  At the time, a mere £500,000 to get the company going and back Simon Kain and Alex Chesterman in improving the real estate experience. Last week, almost exactly 7 years after this …

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Fred Destin

Snapchat and that old no revenues debate

Like many others in the field I was left scratching my head about Snapchat recently.  Not because of the reported $4 billion offer but because of the explosion of age-old arguments about how scandalous it is for a company with …

Fred Destin

The Glorious Post Seed Startup Financing Chaos

The other day I got a call from Scott Kirstner at the Boston Globe answering: “what happens to all these incubators entrepreneurs after Demo Day”.   The short answer: chaos.  Full of opportunity, but chaos nonetheless.  Cue fractals on this …

Fred Destin

High Risk + Founders First + Boston: The Atlas Venture way

I am re-publishing an interview with Tom Lytton-Dickie in which we discussed Atlas’ focus on people, our high risk strategy and the benefits of existing within a single location.  Excellent write-up, I did not touch it. Putting people first In response to …

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Fred Destin

Ecommerce is a slog — what’s your angle ?

 There a bold piece by Marc Andreessen in PandoDaily announcing the “death of retail“. As an extension to the theme of “software will eat the world” it’s smart statement of intent for a firm that wants to attract the best …

Fred Destin

Thriving in the Age of Chaos

I wrote an article for Wired UK’s August 2012 Idea Bank which I am reposting here.  I love the work of David Rowan and would like to thank him for publishing my thoughts. We have entered an age of chaos …

Fred Destin

The Singularity hits Venture Capital (Wilson/Kauffman Redux)

I mean, really, who still wants to be a venture capitalist ?  It’s fast moving from job to have for new HBS grads with flat abs and trophy girlfriend (or vice versa) to labour of love for guys or gals …

Fred Destin

The Great European Venture Capital Crisis

 Over the past few quarters I have had to organize or assist in refinancings of some of the companies I work with on European soil. The exercise of drawing up target list of investors has been a depressing one, for …

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Fred Destin

Inside500 Startups: the fund as API

My partner AJ Shanley and I dropped by the 500 Pirates’ Den the other week, more officially known as the 500 Startups accelerator in Mountain View.  For those who don’t spend too much time inside the world of high velocity startups, …

Fred Destin

Should Angels break free from angel groups ?

I hear a lot of commentary in the Boston area about how VC’s have needed to replace angels in seed rounds.  In an area with some much technology wealth created over the years I always found this puzzling. Angel groups …