Getting Boston Tech engaged in volunteering: TUGG / Tech Gives Back

 This Thursday was Tech Gives Back, a day of volunteering where 600 odd people go into various projets around Boston to put in a day of labor.

I want you all to register for the TUGG Bash this Friday and donate what you can.  I donated $500 and a day of work.  We all need to keep our heads down and execute, but we also need to unwind on a Friday for a good cause.

CLICK HERE to register

Last year we fixed up a community center in Mattapan with a massive team.  This year we went for a shelter for homeless mums and their kids in Jamaica Plain (Casa Nueva Vida).   It houses 15 families and 45 individuals, of which about 25 kids. 

Underneath TechGivesBack is an organization called TUGG, Technology Underwriting Greater Good.

Here are the basic ideas:

  • TechGivesBack won’t change the world but it puts 600 participants from the tech community in touch with volunteer organizations and local projects that need support, oiling the wheels for more engagement from everyone.
  • TUGG raises money for select social entrepreneurship initiatives around the Boson area.
  • The initiatives are crowdsourced and voted on by the community.

TUGG has so far been run on a shoestring and on the side by Dana Samuels, Jeff Fagnan, Hemant Taneja and a few others to whom I am surely not doing justice.  It’s not done much on its own besides organize these two events, but that will change with the addition of David Brown fulltime.

Team Atlas designing  / painting a maze in 30 minutes under expert guidance from Noah Heller

2012 09 20 14 46 05

Dana Samuels demonstrating her ghetto skills wiht Matt Burke.  Shockingly the Americans did not deem it necessary to repaint Canada.

2012 09 20 15 05 02

Noah striking the street art pose convincingly next to our learn letters and numbers section

2012 09 20 15 01 23

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