Fred Wilson wrote a post I really liked about Being Naked Online.   Figuratively, of course, for my prudish New England friends.  

There’s a classic Freddie Wilson quote in it that goes like this:

I have an agenda. I do not hide it. I wear it on my sleeve. I believe in certain things. I want the world to be a certain way. I make investments. I promote them. I want them to be successful. And hopefully everyone knows all of those things when they show up here. I think that is being naked online and that’s how I want to be.

Loved it.  Unlike me he writes in such a straightforward manner (“I met Joe,  he’s an entrepreneur, he’s good”) and as usual given his discipline he’s written one of these many posts I had locked in a corner of my brain.  

But never mind, what a great excuse to talk about feedback.  Self awareness is for me without exception the single most important skill that can help you achieve balance, excellence and happiness.  And being “Naked” is also the surest way to ensure you are never allowed to stray very far from your authentic self.

You can never get feedback in our world.  It’s difficult.  You’re always “The Money” and your close partners are often all about positive reinforcement (yay, we’re killing it).  

So I decided to email 30 of the people I worked or work closely with to spend 5 minutes running through a quick assessment of yours truly, using 360 Reach.

I have dumped the raw data below — it will give you a pretty accurate view of what it’s like to work with me.  More important it gives a great roadmap as to the skills I need to keep developing, and notably when working in broader groups and developing consensus; in a few words: “Patience Young Jedi”.

So go, run your own.

gion shrine snow

Brand Attributes

Intelligent (5) Strategic (4) Energetic (3)
International (3) Passionate (3) Positive (3)
Adaptable (2) Collaborative (2) Confident (2)
Dynamic (2) Entrepreneurial (2) Honest (2)
Likable (2) Motivating (2) Assertive (1)
Big (personality) (1) Bold (1) Bright (1)
Competitive (1) Connected (1) Convincing (1)
Curious (1) Diplomatic (1) Extroverted (1)
Generous (1) Happy (1) Healthy (1)
Inspiring (1) Loyal (1) Optimistic (1)
Outgoing (1) Precise (1) Quick-Witted (1)
Quirky (1) Risk-taking (1) Sincere (1)
Successful (1) Supportive (1) Visionary (1)

Brand Skills

Developing ideas (7) Coaching (4) Communicating(listening, speaking) (4)
Solving problems (4) Motivating (3) Building consensus (2)
Establishing thought-leadership (2) Making decisions (2) Brainstorming (1)
Crunching numbers (1) Delegating (1) Empowering (1)
Innovating (1) Inspiring others (1) Inventing (1)
Managing conflict (1) Managing people (1) Managing time (1)
Presenting (1) Prioritizing (1) Public speaking (1)
Relating to others/Building relationships (1) Researching (1) Sourcing talent/funds (1)

Your greatest strengths:
Brillant (1) conceptually and practically smart (1) Clear analytical thinking (1) Decision taking and Relationship Management (1) good ideas / intelligence (1)
His ability to be inquisitive to deduct value from ideas (1) His energy levels are always high (1) Persuasiveness (1)

Your greatest weaknesses:
Abrasiveness (1) Getting ahead of his skiis (1) He can sometimes over extend when he’s in sell mode. (1) lack of listening abilities (1) lake of availability (1) No conflict (1) Organization (1) Perhaps a bit too “high level” in his feedback, while at same time diving into very specific details (1)

Projective exercises

Type of Car:
4×4, because of the strength (1)
a purple convertible – colorful, free spirited, quirky. (1)
bmw – fast, well designed (1)
buick grand national, loose and fast but can go sideways in corners (1)
ferrari: extremly smart and performing (1)
jetta. well designed and thought out. versatile. accessible. (1)
posche: fast, reliable, well-designed (1)
sports car: likes action, social interaction (1)

Household Appliances:
a coffee maker because he gives energy (1)
computer: smart, efficient at processing (1)
electric knife, cuts through everything sometimes the user (1)
game console: fun, design, creativity (1)
icecream machine making the best mix of fruits (1)
sabatier knife – sharp and well designed (1)

Team Role

(3) Leader – creates a vision, assembles the team, takes charge, assigns tasks, measures progress.
(2) Creator – comes up with creative ideas for what to do and how to do it.
(2) Facilitator – orchestrates the group, helping it to achieve its goal.
(1) Motivator – inspires others to be their best and successful members of the team.


– Fred has a tendency to let situations and other people around him influence his mood and actions. This comes out of his bias towards mediation and I expect it’s a mirroring he does unconsciously. If Fred were to develop a stronger consciousness of how others/situations influence him he’d be better able to remain his authentic self.
– Fred cares about people and his relationships deeply. He is especially effective at motivating and mentoring others although at times can be quick to judge or abrasive in a group setting which can create confusion.

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