Get your kid coding with #CodeClub (with free viral video)

I was at #foundersforum this week and the excellent Jason Goodman and his team at Albion London ran a creative workshop.  Our remit: to script a video that would go viral and compel parents to engage with CodeClub and get their kids into coding.

code club

We played first with the high level concepts one could use (fear, self-realization, fame, fear, sex, fun, humour) and decided that with the amount of famous people at Founders Forum we should get an alternative take on the achievements of the people in the tech space – go for the aspirational route but make it somewhat self deprecating.  They’re all famous to you and me but they’re not quite famous enough to influence mainstream parents.  Their products, however, are better know than they are.  Think Chad Hurley vs. YouTube or Nikals Zennstrom vs Skype.

The initial take of my team was a bit more complex and not quite as funny as the variant that team Albion ended up shooting.  Here is the video for your viewing ans sharing pleasure (500,000 views two days in).  

I hope you enjoy it, keep watching it, and more importantly start you kids coding very soon (or playing with Arduino or Raspberry Pi or whatever else you’re into).   Hats off to whomever came up with the Bieber/Bebo moment, had me lolling.

Code Club Interviews


The happy victims:

Niklas ZennStröm (Founder — Skype)
Joanna Shields (Ran Bebo)
Chad Hurley (YouTube)
“Dame” Tessa Jowell (Shadow Minister for the Olympics)
Martha Lane Fox & Brent Hoberman (lastminute)
Sir Tim Berners-Lee (“I invented the web”)
HRH The Duke of York (“I know some influential people”)

Interviewers: Skye Goodman, Teal Darken & Jack Belcher

Concepted, filmed and launched in one day, at the Founders Forum 2012 by:

Concept: Fred Destin’s team.

Albion London: Jason Goodman, Sasha Orr, Nick Darken, Petrina Kilby, Clare Sutcliffe, Jack Gallon, Laura Muse, Ben Buswell, Andrew Singleton, Ceinwen Jarvis, Joe Smith, Alex Rosen.

Hotspur & Argyle: Theo Delaney, Adam Lyne, Tom Mallion, Ciro Candia, Martyna Knitter, Sophia Millar, Anita Rajikumar, Dean Hewitson, Lizzie Wilkinson, Amy Philpott.

Unruly: Arber Pllana, David Waterhouse, Louise Tullin, Sarah Wood and Unruly’s awesome network of publishers and bloggers.

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