Dustin Dolginow for President !

He’s young, he’s hungry, he’s lean.  Here is the all new 2012 model of the Atlas Venture tech principal: Dustin “Double D” Doooolginow.

Dustin joined us almost two years ago.  It’s not that we care much about titles, but when entrepreneurs reliably come in and tell you about how great the guy is, how they seek him out for advice and how they trust his judgement, you know there is something good going on.  Promoting Dustin to principal is simply reflecting what entrepreneurs think of him and recognizing what he brings to the team.

Proof that Midwesterners do it better, Kansas City’s very own Dustin tried his hand at starting a company in the social payments space called SocialSwipe down in New York before joining us up here in Boston almost two years ago.  In that period, he’s helped all of us think about investments in a smarter way, sourced investments and carried our brand with style.  He’s thoughtful, rigorous and super entrepreneur friendly.  Real empathy + intent + business savvy.  A winning combination with sizzle.  Oh, and the guy is a yogi.

Right now he’s involved with a number of our companies including fundraise.com, ObjectiveLogistics, PowerInbox, Kinvey and Adsafe Media.  Some of these he sourced and guided through to investment.  All of these he champions.

Dustin is also the inspiration behind our blossoming partnership with the JS and HTML5 stalwarts at Bocoup and our friend Boaz Sender, yielding a lot of knowledge and two new investment / projects currently in stealth mode.  Moving the needle.

Please join me in congratulating Dustin on this well deserved promotion.  You can follow the man himself on @dolginow, read him (sometimes) on dolginow.org.

For me personally it’s a pleasure to work with someone who pushes the envelope, shares my love for design and helps me getter sharper at understanding the future of the web.  I consider myself very fortunate that D-Man is part of our team.

For all ye entrepeneurs, think of Dustin as open source VC with a better UX.  Your kind of guy.



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