Seedcamp and Angellist Partner for Europe

We're all delighted to announce today a partnership between Seedcamp and Angellist.

Seedcamp has been running strong for 5 years now; it will continue to be a work in progress for many years to come but it's clearly doing a fantastic job in helping startups from Europe and beyond in accelerating their progress at the earliest stages.  I am always amazed at what energy, goodwill and a common purpose can achieve.  Just check out the video below.  The big "aha!" moment for me was to see how much talent, energy and passion we've discovered coming out of Eastern Europe.

Like all initiatives, success is about focusing on what you're best at.  In our case that's:

  • sourcing startups, mentors and investors
  • making the whole thing gel in our events and other ongoing activities
  • investing our money wisely in those we feel most strongly about
  • nurturing and developing a sustainable ecosystem for innovation, including through SeedSummit.

Where Angellist shines is as an all-out, product-centric, high velocity funding marketplace.  Whilst Nivi and Naval have developed their own idiosycratic methods for how to run development, it's in spirit a true Lean startup: Angellist continues to test, churn, optimize its features.  It's viciously efficient today at creating social engagement loops and has taken information refinement to its extreme.  The brand itself almost disappears in what is fundamentally a high efficiency environment for startup / investor / talent discovery. 

With the partnership announced today, we're hoping to augment both entities' value to the ecosystem.

No one owns, it remains by and for the community.  Likewise Seedcamp, with its diversified group of investors and mentors, is a broad ecosystem effort.  Like all good companies, they aim to deliver much more to the ecosystem than they take out of it.  Join both and help us make Europe innovation a greater success.

So if you're an Angel in Europe and want to see awesome dealflow and what the West Coast is investing in, get yourself on there now.  Here is what my profile looks like. And if you're a startup / mentor / advisor / angel, get in touch with the Seedcamp team as we'll be endorsing people onto the platform.

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