Meet my new partner: Ryan Moore joins Atlas Venture

How can I describe my mood right now:  elated, delighted, pumped, uplifted, intoxicated, exultant, exhilarated, glad, jubilant, joyful or dare I say, ghetto fabulous (wink, Colette).  This morning we are delighted to announce that Ryan Moore will be joining Atlas Venture’s tech team.

Ryan Moore (no, not the golf player !) is a co-founder and partner of  GrandBanks Capital.  He leaves behind a strong portfolio at GrandBanks Capital, including two recent exits:  Enpocket (acquired by Nokia in 2007) and Where (uLocate) investment which was acquired by eBay/Paypal in April, 2011.  He’s got other exciting companies in his portfolio such as the rocketship known as ILoveRewards or Glasshouse, and we’ve been working together some on InsightSquared.


I’ve discovered that everything in our ecosystem somehow links you back to Softbank: my partner Jeff Fagnan (the “one man economic development team”) began his venture career at Seed Capital Partners, a SoftBank seed fund here in Boston, for which GrandBanks’ Charley Lax the investment representative and advisory board board member.  Other alumni of this mafia include Brad Feld, Fred Wilson, Covestor founder Rikki Tahta, Angellist founder Nivi, the current Softbank team including Jordan Levy and many others.

Mulitple top VC firms have been on his back for a while and we’re really delighted he decided to join us.  I ran the references on him and you can probaby summarize them in the following way:

  • Loved by his entrepreneurs for unwavering support
  • The hardest working VC they know
  • Reliable, self-aware, humble, tenacious
  • Always pushing, but always constructive
  • A good nose for what makes money

As we try to build a truly integrated team of partners who will win or fail as a team, the addition of Ryan is a massive boost to me personally.   Moving to the US was not an easy decision, leaving behind my beloved continent and uprooting the family, and god knows we have had some tough times at Atlas.

I now feel completely vindicated that this was the right decision for me and for the group — we’ll work hard over the coming years to build great companies with our entrepreneur partners and have a ton of fun doing it.   We’re coming for you.



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