LeWeb: winners of the Startup Competition

On stage right now is a nice brochette of European entrepreneurs: Kosciusko-Morizet (PriceMinister), Granjon (Vente-Privee), Hoberman (lastminute), Niel (free), Simoncini (Meetic), Blanc (allocine).  Grandjon stands out with a great delivery of a rousing speech: “we are only writing the first few lines of online interaction and the future of commerce.  Innovation and value creation is ahead of us, we are really only at the beginning of the revolution.”

paper.li – social curation

A Swiss startup that organizes all the media and stories that animate the social web into automatically curated newspapers.  You’ve seen the “Random Celeb Daily” I am sure.  A great way to transform the firehose of social media communication into a socially curated media form.  I use Feedera myself but regularly read the Sean Park Daily or the Robin Klein Daily.  Underlying tech is all around semantic analysis.  Monetization around advertising and premium features to be defined.  Simoncini is shaking his head: “so you don’t have a business plan ?”.

SuperMarmite – social home cooking

A Paris based startup to help people share great homemade food.  “Ce qui mijote en ce moment” – “what’s cooking right now ?”.  Share real services in real life with real people.  Brent is asking whether the Brits will like this enough.

Waze – social driving assistance

Israel navigation company that’s hitting it big and is really hardly a startup at this stage.  From talking to these guys, they built their own maps and navigation methods (yes, Israeli engineering strikes again).  The company has hit 2.2M drivers and is even used by a Florida TV Network (NBC).  Badges galore for being a nice participant.  Love the pacman symbol when driving down a new road and gobbling points.  They also allow folks to create groups (.e.g the Burning Man caravan).  Waze is clearly the standout company here but the comparison with the 3 person teams at paper.li and supermarmite is a bit of a stretch.

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