RSI threatening my blogging

Apologies for the long hiatus but right wrist is giving me trouble and hence keeping the typing down to a minimum.  Working on it and hope to be back soon.

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4 Responses to RSI threatening my blogging

  1. Hlebret says:

    Take care! Basics are always obviously basic, but health and happiness first, success maybe…

  2. Michael Kenward says:

    Dragon Naturally Speaking.

  3. That’s terrible.

    I’ll put in another vote for Dragon’s software, but I know it’s often easier to express and edit an idea via a keyboard.

  4. sasha grey says:

    So now I am trying to my bad habits; I am trying to sit with better posture and not slouch, taking frequent breaks to stretch my arms, shoulders and neck, I have cut back my after work computer use to almost zero to give my arm and neck a good rest, and I am ordering in a serious ergonomic keyboard and mouse from the US. While I am still getting a bit stiff and sore in the neck and shoulders it seems to be under control at the moment so hopefully I have averted disaster.