Moving to Boston !

Over the summer I will be moving over to Boston to join my partners there.  I found a house in Brookline which I am hoping will be a great place to raise all three of my kiddo's and for my wife to find her next gig.  The garden is big enough to do nice dinosaur hunts (a favourite with my son),which was their main concern, so they've OK-ed the move.   Only downside: I will now have to live in the shadow of Fred and just be … the Other Fred ? EuroFred ? :-)

The Rationale

As a team, we made a decision that it was time for us to be all in one location.  The logic behind is quite simple; we operate at our best as a unit when we can take decisions fast, sit around the table together and act as unit of one.  We are an early stage firm; for us, small is beautiful.   We will also look at adding a Partner on the tech side.

Euro Blues ?

I have been asked a few times whether this reflected a negative view on the Euro venture market.  The answer is quite simply no.  We will continue to invest in Europe.  In our current portfolio, we have some great gems developing.  Companies I am involved with on the digital media / e-commerce side include Seatwave, Zoopla, PriceMinister or DailyMotion.  On the SaaS front, NTR and KDS.  These are all strong opportunities that I believe will drive good returns.  

We also sold Novexel for over $500M in December, a nice Christmas present from our Life Sciences team.

Our house view (and my personal view) is that Europe continues to be relatively under-banked market with increasingly strong opportunities to make real returns happen.  I am sure the next two years will present their shares of large and compelling exits.  Building an ecosystem takes time, ours is improving daily.

The Investing Tech Team

Onward !

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