Seedcamp 2009 shows spirit of the Bay Area is gaining momentum in Europe too

I have been involved with Seedcamp from the outset but I did not always believe we would achieve the high quality objectives I would expect from such an initiative.  Well, I have been confounded this year.

When a bunch of entrepreneurs coalesced around the original concept (Saul Klein, I think Sara Murray, Paul Birch and others), the principles were clear but the ability to systematically source high quality companies was not obvious.  For anyone who has been to seed stage events in Europe, you know that company quality is uneven at best and often quite challenged.

Nothing to do with me at all (we just talk budget and structure together), but I have to say that Reshma and the team have really over-delivered.  The quality of the founders, their level of intent and the obvious market appeal of some of these companies was a joy to see.

The Seedcamp team has also refined the “value add aspects”, with many companies offering spontaneous praise for the quality of mentoring and exposure they received during the week.  It was pretty cool to see the likes of PirateMcClure, Sean Ellis or Fred Wilson showing up and sharing with the teams.

Winners to be announced shortly…


Seedcamp Day 3 Highlights from Seedcamp on Vimeo.

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