Europe Media companies becoming extinct in the Digital World

Back in the day, Europe used to line a few of the most powerful media brands.  But the digital migration is not kind to the old continent.  Right now, with the exception of a handful of upstarts, Europe is essentially not existent beyond its own borders.

Case in point: the latest Comscore lists just came out.  G/M/S clearly top the list, followed by WikiMedia and Facebook.  The first Chinese site (Baidu) clocks in at #15, whilst Sina corp is at #18.  The first European sites are Orange and DailyMotion at 34 and 37 … although if you add the traffic we get from, which you should, DailyMotion is in fact the #1 European brand online.


Supermoine– Brought to you but europe’s #1 online brand :-)


Are European media companies missing the web ?  You bet.

If you look at traditional media companies, you will find giants like Vivendi, Bertelsmann, Lagardere, WPP or Reed.  Running this study in April 2008, our friends at Jefferies found that 8 of the top 25 media groups were European, representing 22% of revenues, whilst 2 were Asian.  If you look at global new media audiences, you found 4 European groups representing 3% of audience !!

If I believe the new Comscore April numbers, we now have ZERO European groups in the top 25 and and a mere 5 in the top 50 (Orange, DailyMotion, Terra-Telefonica, Spill Games and BBC).  I don’t know how much of an international audience BBC has, but basically we have legacy leaders and two transnational upstart companies.

This analysis also applies if you look at the proportion of media revenues coming from online, which is much higher for US companies than their European counterparts (in April 2008, it was 10% for US players and a mere 3.8% for the Europeans).  Whilst France is busy passing backwards anti-piracy laws under intense lobbying from its industry, the war is being lost.

In a few words, the digital disruption is rocking the content world and wiping out the European media brands.


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