Joe Cohen blogging his way to a better ticket

When my colleague Sonali de Rycker and I funded Joe Cohen to start Seatwave, we thought the guy was a hard worker.  Little did we know that he was an attention-seeking slacker.  Hell, he even started a blog now, All-Access.  Whatever next, hiring a PA ?

You can read our MVP (aka Mr Capital Efficiency) musing on the ticketing and the live event industry, if you are so inclined.  Showing true bipartisanship despite being a Cleveland Republican, Mr Cohen today comments on the deal between Viagogo and Madonna, and why the Resale Rights Society is quite conflicted in its attack of the deal in the Financial Times. 

Interesting stuff for all of us interested in the continued migration of value from recorded to live, the inexorable rise of online marketplaces, self-regulation, consumer protection and the future of ticketing.  Happy reading.

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