Seedcamp in Paris

Last Friday the Seedcamp train was making its scheduled stop through Paris. 

Seed Camp

Thanks to the good work of folks like Gilles B, Codor, Leafar, Jacques etc there was a good crop of startups that have been covered in detail by Mike B at TC.

SC continues to excel with the quality of its mentors; many startups were amazed to be able to interact with folks like Remy Amouroux.

For my part I had great fun moderating a panel with Dom Vidal (Index, Yahoo, Kelkoo), Gilles Babinet (Musiwave, Eyeka et. al.), Jerome Touze (WAYN), Jean Schmitt (Sofinnova) and Dider Kuhn (Screentonic).  I won’t bore you with pearls of semi-wisdom but having folks that have built, financed and exit businesses around the table was great.  As is the style for Seedcamp, we tried to keep the discussion deeply pragmatic and practical.


Photo courtesy of Flickr/Leafar, people as above.

Daniel Kahn (with J Bouteiller) shows French lawyers are Mac-cool

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