Ventech awarded

Congratulations to my friends at Ventech for their French “Venture Capital House of the Year” award (Les Echos – Capital Finance).   The tech team is Jean Bourcereau, Alain Caffi and Eric Huet.

Ventech raised a €150M Fund III in 2006, making them one of the key players in the French market and recognising good performance post bubble.  Their previous fund was a 2000 vintage.  Like Wellington Partners (or Atlas :-)) it’s great to see names that have navigated through difficult times to come out stronger on the other side.

On the tech side they have done well on the back of companies like MeilleurTaux, Alapage, Musiwave etc (I don’t know which are the key return drivers).  They also keep doing really gutsy deals like MRAM stalwart Crocus (wow).

I assume they are going to be drinking great wine ordered from Emery’s gem of a wine store, 1855.  Here’s to you guys !  Well done.


imageHere is Jean Bourcereau trying to look older then he is :-)

image Eric “au naturel” Huet

image Alain Caffi 

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