Viacom signs with DailyMotion

It’s official, you will soon find ComedyCentral, MTV or Nick content on DailyMotion ! Great to see Viacom’s greg Clayman making a very clear move to legitimise the segment with Veoh, Daily or Imeem on the list.  Bizarrely no Metacafe in the list of now 10 announced (anointed) partners.  As you may remember Viacom is suing YouTube for a cool $1bn and hedging its best with the "indies" of the space.
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Unsurprisingly Veoh is again in the running
: what a board !  With Redstone as Chairman and Eisner in there, the strength of this outfit allows them to operate with very basic copyright protection efforts but still get the key deals done. At DailyMotion we have to do with more ingenuity then political clout but it’s not holding back our growth.  Currently in the top 30 on Alexa and showing no signs of a slowdown.

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