DailyMotion a founding member of "Disney Principles"

I love UGC and I love disruptive business models.  In fact it is fair to say that the two key reasons I am a VC are (a) the chance to work with entrepreneurs and (b) the chance to disrupt markets.  This is clearly what we have been doing with DailyMotion, which has establisher itself as a key player in short form content.

But whilst I am a disruption addict, I never believed in piracy or copyright infringement.  I grew up paying for my media and whilst I am the first to recognise the intense limitations of media companies when it comes to pleasing their users, I am as passionate about reinventing the value chain of media as I am about finding new ways to drive revenues back to the creators of art, be it video, music or otherwise.

So it was encouraging to hear that DailyMotion would become a founding member of the so-called Disney Principles, news first broken by Liz Gannes at NewTeeVee.  I won’t bicker about the details of the vague proposal, I am just happy to see the general direction this market is taking.  Unlike music 7-8 years ago, we seem to be flowing naturally past litigation to more collaboration between the new entrants and tne established media players.

  • Mark  Zaleski, Executive Chairman, DailyMotion said: “Dailymotion strongly believes in the respecting the rights of all copyright owners. As such, our company has been involved in the drafting of these Principles since it began. We are confident that this cooperation with content owners, further aided by audio and video filtering technology that we are currently implementing, is a win-win for all involved. We are proud to continue to be at the edge of innovation in both our product and in copyright protection.”

jlcopyright.jpg<— Superheroes take on Google

Veoh seemed to have managed to squeeze itself into the announcement, but with Eisner and Freston on the board that is no surprise.

It’s great to see how my little French enterprise has matured to play with the big boys in defining the content policies of the future.  Make no mistake: we are here to stay !   Well done to Joy and keep it up guys !  And keep focusing on the users :-)

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