Broke the 1,000

My blog is about a year old and hey, I have just gotten over 1K subs.  Nice !  Thanks to all the people who read this blog.  If you have topics you want to see covered or comments and suggestions, these are most welcome.

Given that the feedburner VC network has 365K subs and Techcrunch a neat 604K, there is obviously some way to go :-)  I am now 1/50 of Fred Wilson and Jeff Clavier.  Oh well.  I am from Belgium, we expect nothing and demand nothing.  I can console myself with the fact that I appear to be the first Euro on this US dominated VC list, but frankly anyone who thinks we are bridging the gap with the Bay Area can get a clue for the difference with these very approximate proxys.  On top of that I have no doubt that new star on the block Max N will zoom past me very soon.

Interesting to note that 500 of my subs are on Netvibes, 250 on G Reader and about 100 on email.  The Megite bot is the latest hits generator.

What really worries me is that I took a few weeks off blogging and that my subs number kept rising nicely.  Maybe I should take the hint and focus on investing.  But no; I really do want to become the Jeremy Clarkson of the venture world: irreverant, irrelevant and entirely bent on criticising everything.  In other words, a real blogger.  Time for another G&T…

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