NetNoVibes: Pierre Chappaz refocuses on Wikio

Pierre Chappaz, co-founder of Kelkoo, has announced his decision to focus on building the Wikio story and step aside as the co-CEO of Netvibes.

Wikio is the brainchild Chappaz and Laurent Binard which is a news and shopping discovery engine mixing search / linguisitics with Digg-like social features.

Pierre is open about his decision to leave Netvibes and cites differences that have led to his decision to separate from Tariq.  I suspect Tariq wants to make Netvibes a media and Pierre probably wants to put more emphasis on monetisation, affiliation etc.

In any case best of luck to both.  This sounds like great news to Wikio which will benefit from the undivided attention of Pierre.

Pierre in the middle with glasses and Tariq on the right (through Jacques) Froissant

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