Jamendo: Mangrove strikes again

Mangrove is all over the VC news at the moment with funding for OpenAds (hi James :-)), Zlio, Quintura (old news but recently announced) and now Jamendo.

jamendoCreative Commons License

Jamendo is a creative commons music publishing and discovery
platform.  Music is streamable, downloadable, reusable, mashable, whatever.  The business model relies on building different monetization methods for the music and the artists (I shan’t say anymore) and not necessarily on a creative B2C model a la AmieStreet. Worth checking out Sellaband (A&R) or Sonific (promotions) in the Euro startup scene.

Private placement courtesy of my good friends at Bryan Garnier.

I like anything that helps reinvent the music / recorder media value chain like this and hope they will do well.  In the meantime here is a nice piece of Belgian Electronica for you :-)

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