Google invests in Ubiquisys in $25M round

Ubiquisys, the company seeded by Atlas Venture pioneering femtocells, has just closed a $25M series B financing from its existing investors and Google.  Well done Anil.  And an awesome result for Ubiquisys’ team !!

Ubiquisys turns the in-house coverage equation on its head by providing intelligent devices that allow consumers to extend the use of their 3G phones inside their house.  Instead of forcing your teenage daugther to drop her sexy Motorola phone for a power hungry WiFi device, you can save on call charges and extend coverage with a plug-n-play femtocell device.  Neat !

<— Not a glasses holder, a femtocell !

Ubiquisys was seeded by Atlas Venture in October 2005 and is a project that was shaped from the outset by our partner Graham O’Keeffe in a textbook case of early-stage value creation.  The founding team (Len Shuch, Will Franks and Pete Keevill) and early investors Advent and Atlas were able to attract a star at the helm in the person of Chris Gilbert.  Chris was previously CEO of ip.wireless and spent 12 years experience in Motorola’s infrastructure business.<– Gilbert

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