BoxedUp: Really Intriguing Advertising

On Sam Sethi’s Blognation you find an intriguing Black Box that no amount of hovering over will make react.  You just have to click on it to get a hint of what this is all about.

I think this is great advertising.  Intriguing like the 2001 Space Odyssey Object with a hint of rising sun.

What a great initial call to action.  Well done thissideup.

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2 Responses to BoxedUp: Really Intriguing Advertising

  1. jrm says:

    fred, some information about the mysterious boxedup…

    “ is a social bookmarking/networking site that’s all about the things that you like and want to get.

    You can add things to your lists from any site or shop on the internet, so think delicious fused with Amazon lists.

    It’s about keeping track of those things that you want, and when somebody wants to get you something they can just take a look at your list and get you something from that. Instant happiness! No more duff presents!”

  2. Thank for the mention! We should be live this week!