The Anti-VC

Go read Fred Wilson’s latest at The Anti VC for a good laugh and a dose of humble pie.   Not the post, the comments.  Fantastic.

Some funny moments, like this one from a guy at RateItAll:

Here’s a superficial one: how about a VC who is rumpled, jolly, and a
little bit out of shape? I’m tired of meeting all these buff, trim
terminator guys who are smarter and more well dressed than me. I’d feel
more comfortable pitching if my VC’s looked and acted like Norm from

I liked this one in particular from former Flatiron-ist Dan Malven, a man close to my own heart:

The anti-VC has an “open-source” personality. He believes in sharing
his real thoughts and ideas for free with whoever wants to listen, for
the betterment of the community. Just like open-source software, if the
community is better, then the anti-VC (and his LPs) end up better too.
Regular VCs are closed-source. They believe that sharing of their true
thoughts is a zero-sum game so they avoid it at all costs.

Good anti-VCs use the same financing terms as regular VCs. They are just transparent with everyone about what, why and how they do their job.

It works. More VCs should try it.

My Photo<—- Dan and his proudest creations

Fred Wilson knows how to make his blog really work for people. I look forward to the response.

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