Backstage Pass into the VC scene with SecondChanceTuesday

I was kindly invited to take part in a panel tonight by Judith Clegg (of the Glasshouse) and Michael Smith (of Mindcandy and Firebox fame) at Second Chance Tuesday.  The panel will be chaired by the BBC Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones (pictured) and will look into the VC mind under the alluring title of "Tales from the Inside: what every entrepeneur needs to know about venture capital".  Rory wrote Dot.Bomb after the last bubble so I have no doubt we will get a proper grilling… 

Rory Cellan-Jones, November 2006

Panel participants hail from Benchmark (Coelho), Index (Rimer), Accel (Levene) and Atlas.  I will report on it tomorrow, hope to see you there (6.30PM at Savoy Place).

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