Atlas in France: Marc Oiknine moves to 3i

Marc Oiknine who has spent the last 3 years working with me and the rest of the team out of our Paris office, has moved to 3i (official as per RealDeals).  Marc was an associate at Atlas and did fantastic work for us in sourcing deals and covering the local market.  He was involved with a number of our companies including VirtualLogix (formerly Jaluna), Sporever, Realeyes3D, Soisic and DailyMotion, which he was instrumental in us accessing through a fellow entrepreneur (Benjamin did not want to take our calls :-)).  We promoted Marc in December but the 3i offer was too good to refuse!

Pierre Festal & Marc Oiknine (Atlas Venture)<— Pierre Festal and Marc Oiknine

I wish Marc all the best in his new environment, working alongside the great JD Chambo and Pierre Martini under the (benevolent) gaze of Ian Lobley.

I get the regular question about whether we are serious about France since we had Stephane Bacquaert and Henri Moissinac also leave the firm (for various reasons) and Philippe Claude phasing out (after a distinguished and very profitable career).

The answer is simple and is still the same: we are not after market share in France but really looking to make one to three tech investments every year and getting to the best deals.  It’s a tall order but I really after taking out the two best deals every year in my segment.   In fact we are really about getting the best deals we can anywhere !

My two most recent are Ben Bejbaum’s DailyMotion (with Philippe Collombel at Partech) and Yves Weisselberger’s KDS (with Harry Nelis at Accel Partners).  Time will tell whether these were the right bullets to shoot.

On that note I will be at the Red Herring Meet & Greet on April 11 in Paris.

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