Back in the saddle

Phew !  Three weeks without looking at email and I can still use a keyboard.  It’s great to be back (well…) and I see the year has started in spectacular fashion. 

Martin McNair takes the bull by the horns and goes into telecom software with the kiwis at OpenCloud, and Truphone raises a cool $25M to go after Vodafone (well, it’s only £12M :-)) … including from Burda, marking the re-entry of yet another German media group into early stage tech.   And displays continue to attract big tickets.  I am sure the next annoucement is a $50M for a new/old entreprise software business…

New funds are also being announced including Mr Jozefak’s Neuhaus Partners.  And I have added some new blogs to my reading list, including:

  • Vecosys, proving there is life after Techcrunch
  • HelloMartin from the LundKenner Galaxy (that’s well beyond the milky way, if you want to know), a great place for new ideas and interesting insights (… and where else do you get photo insights from Victoria’s secret next to Martin reparing his laptop)

But the best news of all were metrics related:

  • my subscriber numbers went up by 30 when I was away … should I take the hint ?
  • my favourite video sharing website has broken into the top 100

I look forward to a great year of innovation !

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