Dead Man: Loic is back and in fighting mode, says he's not the only one who died

Did you expect the man to take all this abuse in dignified silence ?  More Nicolas Sarkozy than Jacques Chirac, he is back in fine "racaille" fighting form after having died a small death (French only on Necronews).  At first we saw him dealing with the Sam Sethi sideshow whilst the Geeknorati was expecting with bated breath "LePost" about leWeb3.  So here it is; welcome back !

LePost has landed, with two key points being made by Loic:

  • The background is that we in Europe are fighting a battle to raise
    interest about the Internet and its deeper changes to society. We do
    not yet have the Silicon Valley ecosystem, but opening an exchange with
    our politicians is a start. We need to talk to them and they need to
    understand us.
  • I must now admit that the reactions in the blogosphere convinces me
    blogging conferences are dead. The tools we developed have entered the
    mainstream and we must embrace that. Artists, academics, politicians
    and so many others have joined the ranks of bloggers and web
    entrepreneurs in recognizing the power of social software. We must
    bring them into our conversation.

It is the longest post I have ever witnessed, with real depth and detailed explanations for those passionate about this debate or with a longer attention span than I.

I stand by my initial assesment, i.e. that (a) a "faux pas" in re-jigging the programme is no reason to lynch someone who organises this (as a non-for-profit, mind you) and that (b) I do believe this is a sign of the blogging chasm being crossed.  Blogging is growing up, it is getting hijacked, so much the better !

PS: I am still waiting for Clavier to re-emerge…  he must have something really big cooking in that basement.

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