PE Hub evolution: Primack goes Primalik

VentureBeat announced over the weekend that Dan Primack was launching a blog, PEHub, finally !  One to add to your RSS reader.  Dan as most of you know is the best place for breaking news in the private equity world.  I was waiting for the site to go live to point you to it.  Very Om Malik inspired, plus the subscription fee.

<— Dan

I found it amusing that in the podcast he mentioned that "some folks started with a blog and ended up publishing a newsletter.  We did the opposite".  I had not thought of the newsletter as the disruptive end of reader interaction :-)

<— Om

Regardless, this is great.  Whilst it is clearly not appropriate to start disclosing returns, getting better transparency into the venture capital industry can only be a good thing.

Dan sent an intro email to PEHub in which he cited Jeff Clavier who posted an open letter on his blog.  Here is an abstract:

Open Letter to Dan Primack: blog already

Dear Dan,

Like tens of thousands of your readers (my guess), I enjoy your daily column – both as a source of scoops and analysis regarding the venture capital industry. Over the past year, we have seen you link to a number of bloggers – and God knows you send us a ton of traffic when you do – and we heard you through a podcast interview on’s John Furrier. Great? Only sort of – because we want more: a blog – a real one, with comments, trackbacks, permalinks for news, analysis, or snippets of information, an RSS feed, etc. Nothing less.

I like irony:  I have to note that Jeff Clavier leaves the scene as Dan enters it.  Or me.  Not.  He still is.

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