To ETRE – or not to ETRE

Yes, it’s that time of year when the annual ETRE Extravaganza brings us all together, this time  to Barcelona, paying multiple thousand Euro’s to the one conference you can’t afford to miss.  Alex Vieux: one conference organiser to rule them all !

I look forward to some of types of nuggets I have come to expect of the conference:

  • So much namedropping that no one can open the conference doors any more
  • Alex generally getting away with it (and he calls these public pummellings “fireside chats”!)
  • Tim Draper telling some Finnish or Icelandic entrepreneur to “get with the programme, son, this is show business !”  or alternatively”you don’t sound like a $1bn opportunity to me, why are you hogging our stage, son” or some such.
  • Someone with enough money to be taken seriously reminding Tim, in a timely manner, that his dad did Skype, really.

I  hope we avoid a 4-1 VC to Entrepreneur ratio that seems to have taken hold of late.

Anyway, it should be fun.  Starting with a late arrival and drinks courtesy of Rosemary Forsyth.

See you there !

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