Songbird: time to leave the iTunes nest

Rob Lord, Babak Nivi and friends (Pioneers of the Inevitable, dude) hatched next gen music player SongBird.  If you did not feel like downloading the nightly builds, the latest developer version is pretty usable by non XUL Runners … like me. Try it now.

Songbird is cool because it plays the web as well as your music.  If you like Firefox and Flock and all the openness we have come to expect from the web, you should love SongBird.

<–  Songbird now does open source too

We funded a while ago (discretely) but it somehow came out on VentureBeat today.  Notice how no one does boring PR releases with a dull quote from each venture principal anymore !  Now that’s a relief… 

In a world rife with venture capital, funding on its own is not so newsworthy anymore.  In venture capital too, context matters.


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