Qipit makes your camera phone useful

Qipit, the consumer service from our company RealEyes3D, launches today at DEMOFall.

Qipit is a new and "lighting fast" way to capture and share written documents with your camera phone or digital camera. Handwritten notes, signed contracts, whiteboards can be transformed into clean, crisp digital copies.  Benoit the CEO is going to pound me for narrowing his positioning, but you can think of it as having a scanner in your pocket.

From an investor standpoint the concept is simple: everyone’s got a mobile phone, so how do you make that device more useful to people with simple, generic apps that have mass market appeal ?  Benoit Bergeret and his team have built a nice OEM business with the likes of Samsung, Sanyo and others and have many millions of phones on the market, some with 4 different RE3D apps on the phone.

But once you want to build a direct-to-consumer offering or sell to operators, you run into the usual issues related to device proliferation,  download complexity and so on (APN settings that break your homepage link etc.) not to mention highly variable optics quality, sometimes on the same types of phones.

So we opted for a clean and simple webservice as a start, instead of a downloadable app (which we can do too). 

Qipit competes with ScanR with has the benefit of being US based but has inferior technology (or so our CTO keeps telling me).  They have introduced business card scanning which is neat but which we refrained from doing based on current phone limitations (how many people know how to switch to macro mode ?).  I guess we will have to watch ourselves and not get out-marketed by inferior tech.  But so far we have been very careful to only push out products that met the right quality thresholds so as to protect our audience.

Here is what DEMO says to introduce the company:

Three years ago, a small French company came to DEMOmobile to demonstrate its mobile image capture and correction technology. the company’s work established applications for the mobile phone camera that go well beyond snapshots. Today, Realeyes3D is launching a strong presence in the United States with a robust service that sits at the center of mobile information management. This company is well worth watching as it continues to innovate new uses for the camera-equipped mobile phone.

See, sometimes being small and French is no bad thing.  I hope they do a great job todat at DEMO and will be watching out for the video !  The bar is high since they are former DemoGods…

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