Shozu mobilizes YouTube

As of today you can upload videos to YouTube straight from your mobile using Shozu.  "Shoot and send" without fiddling with controls or MMS is the simple message and the reason why the company won best mobile messaging service at 3GSM this year and at CTIA.

Shozu (funded by Atlas) is a much-loved application that sits on your mobile and acts as a universal gateway to move content on and off your mobile.  You could initially do one-click upload of photos to Flickr and other photo services, as described by a number of prominent bloggers including Russell Buckley or  Rodrigo:

the program is so well embedded in your phone that whenever you take a picture for instance, a popup windows shows up, and asks if you want to post it to a site (I chose Flickr by default).
Hence: open the camera on your phone, shoot with a click, pres OK to upload, and you’re done. It has never been so easy to publish content.

From allowing photo uploads to the the photo sharing sites and the blogging platforms, the company is branching out nicely into two way rich media with its new ZuCast zervice.  Anyone with a community can use ZuCast as an elegant means to get photos, videos and music delivered to his/her users.

The company has some very exciting news in the pipe as well with other media partners and is really breaking away from the pack as the best way to get content on and off your mobile.

It also recently added some talent to the team in the form of Steve Langkamp, formerly COO of Magic4.

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