No entrepreneur envy here

I met with an entrepreneur with a fellow VC the other day and the investor was painfully trying to convince the founder that he too thought about being an entrepreneur  (once) and that he really understood what it was all about (I feel your pain).  I think he was confusing having had a business plan in his back pocket in 2000 with having had to explain to his wife that, yes, there really was a light at the end of tunnel in December 2002.  It was almost as bad as some VC’s telling you they are entrepreneurs because, really, they manage their own fund and have to pay the GP commitment…

It reminded me of a nice contrasted view by none other than Danny Rimer.  He was on the panel of a great CEO-centric event called Technology Futures Network that we founded (UK CEO’s please mail me !!) and someone asked him what he would do if he was not at Index Ventures and whether he would use his ill-gained cash (not nice to destroy telco twice over) to start a company.

With typical humillity he replied "I would look for a job".  I like people who know themselves and recognise what they are good at like that.  Having said that, I do have the itch to start that coffee shop cum music and comics store every now and again ;-) …

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