A little thank you note to inspirational bloggers

Thank you to the guys because of whom I finally decided to devote 30 minutes every day to this obsession called blogging.  They are:

  • Rodrigo at vpod.tv, the guy I read (or watch) the most. "He powers great shows".
  • Fred Wilson, with the best "writing tone" of any VC in my book, and also because I love his insights on music
  • Jeff Clavier, incredibly responsive at all times and a true insider of Web2-ism, who you should read at Software Only
  • Loic Le Meur, such a nice guy !  The French however consider him un "horrible capitaliste" because of his salutary wake-up calls to the entrepreneurial community, so hero to some and public enemy to others…

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4 Responses to A little thank you note to inspirational bloggers

  1. Loic says:

    You’re welcome Fred, thanks very much for your post, I’ve just added your feed to my friends folder in my RSS reader so I’ll watch you as well now, great you started blogging !

  2. Jeff Clavier says:

    The master (LLM) said it all, so I can only wish you good luck as you being your blogging journey.

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  4. Ron Belt says:

    @Fred: Good luck in exploring the wonderful world of tedious blogging ;-)BTW Fred, take a look at my most recent ‘baby’ http://www.ebuddy.com