I have been in venture for over 15 years now, having had a previous career structuring complex derivatives.  Proof that there is hope for everyone.  I have, quite literally, never once thought about what I do as "work" since I started working with entrepreneurs.  It just feels like an extension of me.

I have been a partner at Accel in London since September 2014.  So far I have been involved with Pillpack, Deliveroo and CarWow.

I joined Atlas in 2004 and spent 10 years as a partner on the technology team. We do very early stage investments in technology-enabled businesses.  I focus on software, e-commerce and digital media.  I  have done a fair amount of fintech work as well.  I like diversity and cross-pollination, otherwise I'd be running a startup.

Entrepreneurs I have partnered with on the European side include Alex at Zoopla (IPO on LSE in June 2014 ), Ben at DailyMotion (a video sharing site that over 130M access every month),  Pierre at PriceMinister (sold to Rakuten for $250M) and others.  After I moved to the US and I have been working with Sravish and team at Kinvey (backend as a service), the Integral crew in NYC led by Scott Knoll (adtech), TJ at Pillpack and others (see LinkedIn for more).

I was a founding investor and board member of Seedcamp, the leading pan-European seed incubator.   I spent 4 years on the board and a ton of time mentoring.  I love it.  Since moving to Boston I got involved in Techstars as mentor and investor.

Before Atlas, I was co-managing a EUR100M fund set up by Achilles Macris (Dresdner at the time, JP Morgan today) and we did about 13 investments. We have exited CapitalIQ to S&P ($225M), Rainfinity to EMC (c. $100M), Cyota to RSA ($145M), Inxight to Business Objects (undisclosed), Consul to IBM (undisclosed), Opsys to CDT (all stock, undisclosed) and a few others. 

I cut my teeth in venture as Venture Manager at Speed Ventures, a seed stage technology investor funded by Permira Ventures, Soros Partners and others.  I reviewed a ton of projects and invested in some and most everything from that era went bust.  Even the company we had made a killing on,, ended up dying.  These were the good times, these were the bad times.  None of it very real.

Before being on the venture rollercoaster, I used to be an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs in London, and have further experience with Zurich Capital Markets and J.P. Morgan, all in structured derivatives.  It's more interesting and challenging then you realize.  I left because (a) we started arb-ing everything instead of doing risk management and (b) I did not want to be there when I was 40. 


My kids, my snowboard and my music make me happy.  I ride fakie on a big mountain board and listen (hard) to Neil Young, the Boards of Canada, Pavement, MGMT and many, many others.  I have been spotted staring at Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies Van der Roe designed buildings for too long, I wish Tadao Ando designed my house and I would just lie on his perfect concrete all day.  I like animation.  I like slow sunsets on long train rides listening to Arab Strap.