I have been in venture for about 7 years now, having had a previous career structuring complex derivatives.

I joined Atlas in 2004 and am a partner on the technology team. I focus on emerging businesses in the software and services markets. I particularly like digital media and technology enabled businesses, but I feel comfortable in wireless or datacenter tech as well. I have done a fair amount of fintech work.

Before Atlas I was co-managing a EUR100M fund set up by Achilles Macris (Dresdner at the time, JP Morgan today) and we did about 13 investments. So far we have exited CapitalIQ to S&P ($225M), Rainfinity to EMC (c. $100M), Cyota to RSA ($145M) and Opsys to CDT (all stock, undisclosed). And there is still some good potential in that portfolio (IP Unity, Inxight and others) so we should end up doing OK on this fund, a 2000 vintage.

I cut my teeth in venture as Venture Manager at Speed Ventures, a seed stage technology investor funded by Permira Ventures and Soros Partners.

Before all that rollercoaster I used to be an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs in London, and have further experience with Zurich Capital Markets and J.P. Morgan, all in structured derivs.


my kids, my snowboard and my music make me happy. i ride fakie on a big mountain board and listen (hard) to neil young, the boards of canada, arab strap and many others. i have been spotted staring at frank lloyd wright and mies van der roe designed buildings for too long., my other half, pavements