Boston VC community breaks with killjoy roots, will actually party

In a striking development from a long legacy of discretion and backhanded compliments, the New England VC community has decided to award itself a bunch of awards and actually, possibly, have some fun.

After years of being forced into clumsy genuflections at the foot of Waltham’s money hill before being allowed into plush, Four Season-esque offices, select entrepreneurs will even be allowed to cast their vote on who the best venture firm in town might be.  No word yet on what weighting their vote will carry in the final algorithm, but hey, Rome was not build in a day.

“I heard they were going to ask for our opinion and I thought, oh boy, talk about a poison chalice” says one astounded founder.  ”I think i will just vote for the guys who backed me and make sure they know it, you can’t really go wrong that way”.  

“We’ve got to give the entrepreneurial community an illusion of freedom so they can continue to perform better and we can appear ‘cool'” said one respected Waltham capitalist.  ” So we thought an awards ceremony with a semblance of voting would appease these incessant calls to be ‘more like Silicon Valley'”.  

We are, after all, all about innovation that matters.  

Shockingly, the New England Venture Capital Association is throwing a party around this event that actually looks like it’s going to be fun.  Under the impulse of C.A. Webb and her merry band of advisors, the NEVY Awards (a.ka. the Nevies, #NEVYS13) will be awarded during a modern ceremony at the The Sinclair involving cocktails and reportedly some humour.  ”I heard there might be music, and jokes” said a stunned observer.

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C.A. Webb of the Association of New England Venture Capitalists gets party training at a recent Lunchbeat event 

It is unclear whether a PR agency was hired to help the Boston VC community with this carefully crafted repositioning.  

Entrepreneurs interested are hereby gently instructed by their owner to nominate companies (preferably their own or one funded by their owner, of course) and get tickets for the actual event to support their hard hit bosses.


Nominate in the following categories: Entrepreneur of the Year / VC of the Year / Exit of the Year / Deal of the Year / Angel of the year / Rising Star (an entrepreneur to watch) /   Rising Star (an individual VC to watch) / Stealth Star (a.k.a., Best Company You’ve Never Heard of) / Best New Startup (founded in last 12 months) /   Hottest Startup (this company is going to set the world on fire)

And finally … don’t forget to nominate the best VC of the year amongst the good and the great of our distinguished community:

Leading Boston area venture capitalists

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