Startup Lifecycle – Lean to Fat, Launch to Scale – Video

The video and accompanying presentation gather much of the current thinking around building startups from scratch to scale.

This was my annual contribution to Seedcamp, in the form of a new Prezi and accompanying commentary on Startup Lifecycle, which I presented at Seedcamp Ljubljana.

An awesome editing job was done by Lecture Hub using flowplayer and you can now enjoy the synchronized presentation and slides on their site.

Screen shot 2011 08 24 at 9 10 12 PM

A lot of credit to God (SG Blank), Jesus (Eric Ries) and Mary (Alex Osterwalder, sorry Alex) as well as Tom Eisenmann for references and structure, David Skok for his awesome visuals and sense of economy and DaveMcClure for the Startup Metrics FTW.    We’re also trying to get beyond just Lean you can also dig into Scaling (e.g. see my answer on Quora).

And since I’m still having a bit of trouble typing, I borrowed the blog post of a super Seedcamp startup (that I voted for hard but you cannot win them all) called

to give you a sense of what’s covered.  I trust Thomas won’t send me a cease and desist.  If you are looking for Lean Project Management, check them out.

I look forward to any comments — ping me over mail, this blog will migrate soon and not sure I can (be bothered to) migrate the comments over with me.


  • Pick the right co-founder
  • Do reverse vesting — It’s founder friendly
  • Borrow & steal — minimize cost, more time for product/market fit



  • You can’t manage what you can’t measure
  • Initially focus on activation and retention (funnels, KISSmetrics, …)
  • Be data informed, not data driven. Brush up on your statistics skills
  • Use your intuition for important decisions (see the big picture), use analytics to optimize


  • Aggressive investment before product/market-fit can be dangerous
  • To grow you need to cross the chasm from early adopters to the early majority
  • Read Crossing the Chasm and/or Inside the Tornado by Geoffrey A. Moore


  • Build a repeatable customer process
  • Build a solid infrastructure for billing & deployments
  • Fight organizational creep and automate stuff
  • Grow the team and company culture

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