Six reasons to attend AngelBootCamp in Boston on June 14

It’s probably the best time in history to become an Angel, yet the market is moving with a velocity that is sometimes mind boggling even for the most maverick among us.  There is no better time to all get together, learn from the best and think about the future. Jon Pierce and team are putting together the year’s must attend event for angel investors, do join. 

No, Dan Gould, Angel investing is not Fantasy Football for rich people.  There is a method to the madness and a long and profitable road ahead for those who can do it well.


Here are four reasons why you should be an angel, but an informed angel that attend BootCamp:

  1. It’s a Golden Age for angel investing.  Low capital requirements, hyper scalability, global access should all be driving awesome angel returns.
  2. Yet Angel Investing is being disrupted.  You’ve all noticed, we live in a new age of velocity and transparency.  Entrepreneurs now choose who they want to work with from a global roster of strongly branded Angels that they can access through tools like Angellist.  Are you ready, can you cope ?
  3. Companies are being built differently.  Lean startups, fast iteration, data driven decision making.  Do you know all you need to know about how entrepreneurs are leveraging the cloud and technology standards to do more faster ?
  4. Investment themes are different.  Opportunity sets are evolving faster than ever, and this time it’s global.  Come learn about trends that will shape the Eastern Seaboard ecosystem in years to come.
  5. There’s Angel, Boot and Camp in the name.  How cool is that ?  Ok, maybe a bit 2008, but you know this is not going to be boring.   Mind you, probably not that camp either.
  6. I’m going.  This is going to be huge.


So come join us at Angel Bootcamp in Cambridge, MA on June 14th:

Superb participants include Bijan “Twitter” Sabet, noted angel investor Bill Warner, repeat entrepreneur Dave Cancel or David “Midas List” Skok and many others.

Follow @angelbootcamp and request an invite on the site.


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