Atlas Venture’s new offices in East Cambridge !

We have just moved into our new digs in East Cambridge (the Davenport Building on 1st St).  I took some poor pictures on my iPhone to give you a sense of the space.  There are a ton of places to meet and interact and we look forward to helping as many great entrepreneurs leverage this infrastructure as we can.  Being in a new building does wonders; the whole team was walking around the offices with wide smiles on their faces; seems we humans really do express ourselves through the places we live and work in and this new environment is much closer to our current ethos and DNA than our previous home in Waltham.  What’s also nice is that we are sharing the warehouse with great companies like Zipcar, Hubspot or Sonos Systems.   You can check out pictures of Hubspot’s office here (courtesy or Arch3s),  they outperform us on the cool factor.

We’re as stones throw from Kendall Square; do come and visit and hang out with us if you’re in the area and need a local HQ.

From 201011 Atlas Office Move


From 201011 Atlas Office Move

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