Atlas Venture makes 20X return on Isilon sale to EMC

Sujal Patel and Paul Mikesell founded Isilon back in early 2001.  Now, just shy of 10 years later, the founders can proudly celebrate an awesome $2.25bn exit to EMC.

The story is noteworthy in part because Patel came back to the top spot after the company repeatedly missed its revenue guidance.  Not to take anything away from the work done by the rest of the team including IPO-CEO Steve Goldman, but next time someone asks you whether this founder can scale, just say yes :-)

It’s also a great day at Atlas Venture since we are seeing $473M returned and over 20X return.  We were the largest shareholder throughout the life of the company, ever since the Series A with Madrona back in 2001.  My personal life coach and investment guru Barry Fidelman can be proud of his contribution to this great success.

Techflash Seattle has a good company history here whilst Xconomy does its usual thorough job.  PE Hub has the headline that puts it subtly: Atlas Venture kills it with Isilon acquisition.

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