UK and Ireland venture investment: slooooow

Stuart at Ascendant has sent me his regular data update which is worth a look:

  • Q2 : 42 deals (over £0.5M) for £129m invested by 61 investors
  • Q1-Q2: 90 transactions and £244m
  • … compared to 129 companies receiving £557m in Q1-Q2-2009
  • The 10 biggest deals received 61% of funds invested
  • Key deals: Wonga (£19m), Seatwave (£10m), Glasses Direct (£10m), Alertme (£8m); Blue Ocean Wireless (£7m), Advanced Plasma Power (£6m), Enecsys (£6m), Metalysis (£5m); Liquavista (£4m), and i2O Water (£4m)
  • Busiest investors: Enterprise Ireland, Scottish Enterprise, Accel and Delta Partners

My conclusion is simple: Irishmen, Scotsmen and Sonali de Rycker kept the market afloat in the first half of this year.  Well done to all and keep it up !

<— Who would give real money to these muppets ?

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