William Reeve joins Simon Cook at DFJ Esprit

This is as a *very* nice coup.  Everyone is wondering what the talented Mr Reeve will do next and, hey ho, he pops up as part of the extended team at DFJ Esprit.

I understand that he and Simon built a strong relationship over time, particularly after ScreenSelect merger with Lovefilm and that William is excited about the quality and substance of the portfolio (“medium sized business with real revenues and traction”).

William will now lend his skills to existing and new investments for Esprit.  He is also actively involved with a crop of very exciting startups including ex Lovefilmer’s Graze.com, iAnnounce.co.uk, True Knowledge (recently funded by Octopus Ventures) and Alex Chesterman’s Zoopla.com (I am invested).

If you judge angels by the quality of their investments, William knows what he is doing.  Well done again Simon for adding to the scope and brand of DFJ Esprit with a move that is long on substance and short of hype.  Oh, not anymore :-)

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