Sweet! Two sites in the French top 25 !

Big is not necessarily beautiful, but two of the companies I am involved with, DailyMotion and PriceMinister, show up in Nielsen’s April 08 audience measurements for France.  Nice, both because DailyMotion is still edging ahead of the YouTube behemoth (look! no advertising!) and because, on the ecommerce side, PriceMinister comes in at the same size as FNAC both being behind a site you may have come across before, eBay.  Well done to PKM and team at Price, 6M official uniques for e-commerce is an awesome achievement !!  All that is left to do is to match to turnover of SNCF.com now :-))))

With the recent acquisitions of Doctissimo, AuFeminin etc we are also the only independents left on that list with Skyrock.

The less francophile amongst you will have noticed that 1/2/3/6/9/10/13/14 are all US players…  Time to wake up guys…



Nielsen Unique audiences (000), France, April 2008

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