Two great articles on the London scene

Entrepreneurship still makes people dream !  Two great writeups on the evolution of London as the epicenter of European innovation have just come out, one on Sunday Times by Oliver Bennett and one by Dominic White at Telegraph.

Looks like someone on the PR side has fed the theme to both in parallel. How else do you end up with “the new dotcom boom” in the Sunday Times corner and “Wake Up and Smell the Dotcom Brew” in the Telegraph corner.

If you have only time to read one I recommend Bennett’s piece in the Times.  A few soundbites:

“There are at least five venture-capital companies investing between $200m and $500m each across Europe, with at least 40% of this going to start-ups in the UK”.

So the venture capitalists are converging on London, their names whispered in the networking clubs: Index Ventures, Accel, Atlas Venture.

“London has become the Silicon Valley of Europe”

“We saw a generation of talent that was blooded in 2000,” says Saul Klein. “Those survivors are gold dust.”

Happy reading.

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