Come and pitch your venture to Scoble, Chappaz, Ohayon etc at LIFT on Feb-6

There is a great opportunity to pitch your new venture at the LIFT Conference in Geneva.  Tech evangelist Robert Scoble, repeat entrepreneur Pierre Chappaz, VCs Ouriel Ohayon and I, Jasper Bouwsma at Swisscom innovation and Faris Sabeti from CTI.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD TO ENTREPRENEURS.  This event is PUBLIC. It is open to anybody, even you haven’t registered for LIFT08.

Profiles of the group here.

LIFT is a very different and interesting conference organised by Laurent Haug and co.  Check it out at

How it works

Anybody can propose a venture by creating a LIFT account:
and making a proposition here:

On January 20 we will close the submissions and we will vote on the top 6 to participate in the event and receive FREE LIFT tickets.  This is not a contest !

Pratical info

Geneva, Feb 6 at 5PM, full details here

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