User generated media: entertaining, needs to grow up

End of the year, too many Christmas parties and tempers are running high.  In the process we get a glimpse of what happens to people who were not necessarily ready for the all the attention they are getting when they get famous, and it ain’t pretty. 

But it provide for some great entertainment value.

First off, some dude called Loren Feldman rips Seesmic (Loic Le Meur’s new video startup), in grand trash talking tradition.  Somehow Loic feels like he has to respond, slightly sanctimoniously, to a raving Israeli making fun of a bunch of French loonies all exiled on the West Coast.  Why are people missing second degree these days ?  Given that being French is the whole backbone to Seesmic offbeat self-marketing videos and that the Feldman’s style is obviously rooted in absurd, self deprecating humour, you wonder what the fuss is about.  A talking head insulting other talking heads.  But it does not stop Techcrunch, confusing itself with Valleywag, to comment.  Loic being on a high from a fab LeWeb3 conference is probably wondering why a bunch of overgrown teenagers posing a self confessed web gurus keep making his life so hard, but hey it comes with being in the public eye in blogland…

Secondly, BlogNation.  Sam Sethi’s response to Techcrunch, BlogNation, just ended its short
life in a debacle of angry accusations that is in inverse proportion to
its importance as a medium
.  Here is a more sinister story of leaked term-sheets, public shaming, death, Scotland Yard enquiry LC986409807 and settling of accounts

If you feel like reading more about this exciting drama, here is where to go:

[Better read these fast, god knows who long they will last.]

This saga started last year (see Blogo Implosion) and could not have ended up in sadder fashion.  It provides for better entertainment that most soap operas or a drunk Daily Mirror editor, shame about the human cost behind all the posturing.<— Flashback 2006 !! Old Skool !

Time for the blogosphere to grow up
.  Trust, transparency and ethics are not concepts you have the right to use because you publish under a Creative Commons license.   It is something you demonstrate, not something you talk about.

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