Balderton: Ynon Kreiz leaves as partner line-up evolves

Two days ago we learnt that Ynon Kreiz, a real mover and shaker in the media and media rights world, had decided to leave Balderton after three years.  Ynon built out Fox Kids Europe prior to joining Balderton and is a close associate of Haim Saban. He has structured a potentially killer deal with Setanta Sports.  Ynon is a quality guy and I won’t speculate about why he would leave, maybe he felt more operational than VC-minded.

Balderton has been adding new partners this year including Roberto Bonanzinga.  Before joining Balderton, Roberto was CEO of Jambaz to which he was brought in by Gerard Lopez at Mangrove earlier this year.  Roberto certainly gets around and has been advising some great companies such as Piczo and Balderton investee PageFlakes.

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