TechTour gets Web and Social — Apply Now

The European Tech tour, in my book the highest quality “VC style” event organiser in Europe, is launching the second of its vertical initiatives.  After a succesful semiconductor focused event, it’s time for a Web and Communities version.

It’s not trying to compete with awesome initiatives such as Carson’s FOWA, but rather is building a tightly knit, high quality networking event for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, technology leaders and other ecosystem players.

The event is on November 14-15 in Montreux.

Running the selection committee is my trusted friend Pamir Gelenbe, and he has been doing a great job with Yann Mauchamp and others in getting a great bunch of companies together.  Having selection committee members from the likes of Google, NewsCorp, EA, Accel, Atlas help extend the network, but we want to hear from you if you have a great business and want to expose it to a superb audience.<– Pamir is biking to Montreux

Apply here NOW:

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